Monday, 29 April 2019


There will be different race and gender groups in the video, a white girl and a black boy who represent Americans, The girl is reading to represent a 'preppy' stereotype and the boy is stereotypically playing basketball. Therefore it is linking to the name of the song 'we no speak americano'. Also the main guy in the video is an Asian boy who sings in Italian, therefore it creates  a kind of contrast and offers clearly different representations of different groups.

Monday, 11 February 2019


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Monday, 15 October 2018


                                                                          Shot List
1.  Middle shot
Middle shot of  Pero jumps and lands on the floor.
2.  Long shot
Long shot of Pero dances towards camera.
3.  Close up
Close up of Pero sings the lyrics.
4.  Extreme long shot
Extreme long shot of Pero crosses the road.
5.  Middle shot
Middle shot of Pero dances in the park.
6.  Panning
Panning to show the tortoise.
7.  Low angle
Low angle middle shot of Pero dances.
8.  Extreme close up
Showing Pero's lips sings the lyrics.
9.  High angle
High angle long shot shows Pero lies on the floor waves arms and legs.
10.  Extreme long shot
Shows Pero roll about on the grass. It becomes closer and closer.
11.  Middle shot
Pero is sitting on hobbyhorse and singing.
12.  Close up
Pero is playing on the slide.
13.  Long shot
Pero is dancing in the car park.
14.  Middle shot
Pero is playing on a swing and blinking.
15.  Extreme long shot
Shows the basketball boy scores a basket.
16.  Middle shot
Shows the blonde girl reads in the library.
17.  Long shot
Camera is showing a view of pero's back as he walks.
18.  Close up
Pero is nodding follow the beats.
19.  Low level
Low level extreme close up of Pero's shoes' dance moves.
20.  Panning
Panning to show Pero's dance in the car park.
21.  Middle shot
Pero is facing the camera but looking somewhere else and singing.


If the video has been taken down by Youtube, you can access it through the link below.